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The resulting solution should be boiled again, cooled and mixed with two hundred milliliters of rosehip syrup. Store the resulting mixture in the refrigerator, take half a glass every night for two weeks. A folk remedy with similar properties can be created by mixing two hundred grams of arimidex pills berries and one hundred grams of granulated sugar. Sprinkle the berries with sugar and wait until they give juice. The resulting juice should be strained into a glass container and set aside in a dark, warm place for three to four weeks. Fermented syrup should be taken on an empty stomach, fifty grams per day.

It is important to understand that you should not ignore the symptoms of this disease and not treat it after an established diagnosis. The lack of adequate and timely treatment can provoke a significant deterioration in health and lead to the emergence of new, more serious pathologies. In the absence of proper therapy, the symptoms of dolichocolon will increase, and the quality of life of a person suffering from this type of pathology will decrease. In some cases, untreated dolichocolon can transform into cancerous tumors and also cause complete intestinal obstruction.

Dolichocolon of the intestine. causes, symptoms and treatment. Digestion is the most important part of human existence. Problems with this system seem to many to be too intimate to see a doctor. But independent attempts to improve the condition of the intestines, as a rule, aggravate the problems. After all, a person himself is not able to buy arimidex online what the cause of the disease is, which means he acts at random, to his detriment. normal appearance of the sigmoid colon. Lengthening the intestine doesn't just mean the stool travels longer. Their movement is hampered by additional loops. elongated sigmoid colon with additional loops. Experts have not yet reached a consensus on whether dolichocolon should be considered an anomaly or a normal variant that increases the risk of pathology. On the one hand, there are completely healthy people whose sigmoid colon has additional bends. On the other hand, in the walls of such loops (removed during resection), researchers find pathological changes - innervation disorders, mesenteric sclerosis, changes in the muscle layer.

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  • But, of course, it is more important for patients that effective methods be developed to buy anastrozole pills them of the suffering that this disease causesaniye. The most obvious symptoms of the disease are.
  • Complaints of loose stools and vomiting are less common. Intestinal obstruction is also possible - an acute condition that requires immediate medical attention.

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  • You need to understand that prolonged retention of feces in the body has many sad consequences. This is both poisoning and further deterioration of the intestinal condition. Fecal stones may form. When moving, the hardened masses injure the mucous membrane and cause inflammatory processes. Gradually, other pathological processes develop in the body that can affect any of its systems.
  • A dangerous consequence of this disease can be inhibition of the defecation reflex. The following options are possible in the manifestation of dolichocolon.
  • More than half of patients experience the manifestation of dolichocolon in the first year of anastrozole pills - during the period when complementary foods are added to milk feeding. Slightly less often, the first problems of digestion and bowel movements become obvious at 3-6 years. There are patients who developed obvious digestive disorders in adulthood.
  • The gastroenterologist suspects the presence of dolichocolon when interviewing the patient (or his parents). The doctor can feel the enlarged loops of the sigmoid colon by palpation. But hardware tests are also required. Also, stool and blood tests are taken to the laboratory.

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It is important to distinguish dolichocolon from other diseases of the digestive system that have similar symptoms. If the patient is not in an acute condition (with intestinal obstruction, massive inflammation, disruption of the integrity of the intestinal walls, and so on), then conservative therapy is preferable. In severe cases, when conservative treatment does not help, surgery is resorted to. The surgeon removes excess sections of intestine.